Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Work

Here's what is next on my agenda:

The background for this quilt was pieced and quilted a while back and I'm now getting around to adding a focal design.

I have been working on getting my website updated as I had a few quilts to add to it and I finally got all that finished yesterday. I think I added 8 quilts to the gallery. I also changed the quilt that appeared on the front page and I updated my resume. Feels good to get that done. Next up I need to get some things added to my etsy shop. I have been meaning to do that for a couple months or so and just haven't gotten around to it.


  1. I love pieced backgrounds! Will the design be appliqué or painted?

  2. Beautiful background. Love to follow the steps you go thru in designing & creating a quilt. This one looks interesting and I'm sure, like so many others, it is going to be a beautiful quilt!


  3. Can't wait to see this develop further! I love all those sunny colors in the background.

    I have things to do on the business end of things, too. Sounds like you are breezing right through it! The best part of getting it done, is getting back to the more creative things!

  4. Oh I have to do all that stuff too. Grumble! But, hooray for you for making such excellent progress.

    Love the new quilt. How are the bird, branch and leaves done?

  5. I of course I like the new piece:) I had a look at your site too and it really appeals to me. Clean, simple, yet it conveys all of the info that you need to have. I was glad to re look at your work too-there was some I don't remember having seen. Are you still using Yahoo as the host for your site? I know I have asked before:):):)

  6. I love using simple shapes to make the color move across the piece. This does such a good job.

  7. it's off to a great start, looking forward to seeing it finished.


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