Saturday, September 12, 2009

Block of the Month

I've had some requests to share the block pattern that I talked about in my previous post. I have Electric Quilt software and I created templates from that program to provide in my guild newsletter. I am providing those templates here if you like working with templates. Click here for template file: Garden Walk pdf

You will also find the instructions for constructing this block over on The Quilter's Cache website. The instructions given there are partially paper piecing and partially rotary cutting.

The name of the block in my EQ program was Garden Walk and the name on Quilter's Cache is Birds of Paradise. I think they probably get different names depending on the color placement of your block pieces.

So, are you going to create blocks with me???? I hope so. If you do, I hope you share your results.


  1. Great news! Thank you for the template. Feel like pulling fabrics and try it in different colour lay-outs.
    Enjoy the rest of your week-end

  2. I may give it a go with some scraps. Do you have an on-line posting day set up?

  3. Thanks for sharing. I think I will give it a go !

    auntie jude

  4. Block of the Month are fun - I've done several with the local guild in years gone by. So, think I'll join you in this one.

  5. I LOVE Bom's......*S*

    It's so easy to stay on top of things and not get behind....

    I need a new project right now, so I'm gonna start pulling some fabrics.


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