Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hey Look! More Books

So lately I've been busy making books. Just thought I'd tell you that in case you hadn't noticed.

Why am I making books, you ask? Well because Sue and I are writing a book on books. Sounds a little funny huh? Yes, it is called Creative Ways with Books and Journals. It will have a variety of hard and soft cover book projects all with different surface techniques. We are planning a November release, just in time for Christmas. Here are a couple of the journals I made for the book.

Yesterday I was able to retrieve my sewing machine from the repair shop. While there I happened to glance over toward the fabrics. Not a good thing to do. I usually try hard to avert my eyes from that area. I really have no need for more fabric. Well of course they had gotten some new batiks in and they were just calling to me. So I gave in and bought just a 1/4 yard of each. That is pretty good for me because usually I have to have at least 1/2 yard or more. I usually hoard it thinking there'll never be another fabric as gorgeous as this one. I'm slowly beginning to realize that there will always be gorgeous fabric available.

I looked at these fabrics all together and thought that maybe they'd look good together in a quilt. What do you think?

My inspector is hard at work. She usually has to check everything out that comes into the house.


  1. I'm in love with those journals, particularly the one on the left.

    I think the fabrics could work together... certainly the earth tones combined with the black and white would work beautifully. Maybe some sort of landscape?

    Cute kitty. :D

  2. The inspector says, "Why, yes, I believe these will work fine. Now get busy and get me a treat. Inspecting your purchases is hard work!"

  3. I don't suppose you are a Seinfeld fan? There is an episode where Kramer writes a coffee table book about coffee tables and the book is shaped like a coffee table!

    Great results (I am sure The Inspector agrees) and yes, use those fabrics together...quickly!

  4. Your books are lovely - I especially love the one on the left. And your book about books sounds great.

  5. The books you've been making are fantastic.
    I don't think 'your inspector' could get much closer to the fabric - must be giving it a good inspection!!!

  6. Wow, I love your new books. I especially love the one on the left with the purple flowers. You and Sue are so darned creative. Love that you are creating a new publication for all the rest of us to buy :)

    auntie jude

  7. Great books Terri. Don't you just love Batik fabrics?

  8. Your books and wallets are beautiful! Oh I can see I'll have another book on my wish list soon! Are book inspector and book helper two different positions? Both are soooo adorable!

  9. I love that journal on the left too!

  10. I love the one on the left too. But I also love batiks. Can't get enough of them.

  11. I just found your blog through Sue´s blog,,,I take her book classes. Your work is very inspiring and I am really looking forward to you and Sue´s new book in Nov.....your inspector is sooooo
    cute....gotta love those kittykats.


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