Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Fighting Roosters

Today I started on another watercolor-painted vase of flowers.

As I was choosing colors for my painting, I remembered that I needed to create a color chart for myself. I do these color charts with all paints I have. It is so much easier to pick colors when looking at them on paper or fabric rather than through a bottle. And besides, they usually look different dry compared to when they are wet.

As I was painting I got to thinking (I do that every once in a while). I wonder if this ink works on fabric. So I got out a scrap of white fabric and inked/painted it up. I'm going to let this dry and then cut it in half and wash half of it.

And here's the photo that inspired the title on today's post. As I was working in the studio I happened to glance out the window and saw a couple of pheasant roosters in the heat of battle. I imagine they are getting ready to claim their territory and hens for the spring/summer. I have noticed many roosters throughout the winter coming to feed in the yard so I'm betting that there will be many fights to determine who's the boss.


  1. Beautiful roosters. I'm wondering if they mate for life like quail.

    Can't tell what kind of paints you are using but an interesting experiment. You will report results, won't you?

  2. Terri. those color charts are a great idea!!
    Aren't you lucky to have the Nature Channel in HDTV right outside your window!!

  3. janice in detroitMay 11, 2009 11:16 AM

    Terri How cool. Here in Detroit, I get to see the occasional raccoon and of course squirrels of all colors.
    Love how you keep everything so organized and keeping samples of how paints look. Must start doing that now that I am wanting to do more mixed media. Do you mind sharing what kind of paints/inks these are? I noticed them in one of you previous studio posts -- mainly because I was attracted to the wonderful storage trays.
    Love your work and congrats on having you collage purchased on the first day.

  4. You're a woman after my own heart. I make color charts of my products, too. It really helps when I start a new project.
    I also make reference pages for some projects when I want to mix colors to see what different shades and value mixes I can get. It's really helpful when I want to repeat a color scheme.
    I just saw a gorgeous pheasant rooster the other day. You're really lucky to have them come so close. Don't you love the sound they make during mating season. It just revererates across the pasture where I grew up.


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