Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday News

Happy Sunday! This past week I spent some time working on a new project for the Two Creative Studios Free Projects. Here is what I made:

Easy Eyeglass Cases

This project is a great opportunity to use up all kinds of scraps....from interfacing and batting to fabric and thread. The eyeglass cases are very easy to make and you can customize them in so many way. I hope you like the project. You'll find this and all the other free projects from Two Creative Studios here.

In other news, I am the current featured artist on Created By Hand. Please check it out. This site features many wonderfully talented artists.


  1. Congratulation Terri ! on the Created by hand site are beautiful things! Like your eyeglass cases too, easy to make and a nice little gift. Thanks.

  2. Congrats, Terri, and thank you for introducing me to that lovely blog; I hadn't seen it before.

  3. Hi Terri:)

    I was just taking another visit around your blog and just loving it. I just noticed the free projects you offer, and that's such a generous thing! One day when I have space, I'm going to try one out. I've always wanted to learn how to quilt, so these smaller projects are right up my alley. P.S. I see one of your for legged babies next to your quilt below:)


  4. beautiful! and i agree -- what a great way to use up scraps!

  5. I totally LOVE those glasses cases. I think I need to get busy and make some of those for gifts. Great idea...thanks much !

    auntie jude

  6. Kudos about the Created by Hand blog! The eyeglass cases are so pretty- thank you for sharing.


  7. These cases are so pretty, Terri, and I just love your fabric designs!!
    Now I am going off to Created by Hand to see what has been written about you. Congratulations, in advance!


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