Friday, February 20, 2009


You may remember a few posts ago I had made some heart ATCs and invited readers to swap. Here are a few of the great ATCs (and other fabulous goodies) I've added to my collection from this swap.

Kathy Sperino, Aynsley McKay, Doreen Kinkade, Linda Robertus

Top - Kathy Sperino Bottom - Myra Stuart

Beaded bookmark - Auntie Jude

Jacq Christensen, Michele Guthrie, Regina Rooks

Thank you to all of you who have swapped with me. I'm still expecting a few more to arrive and will share those with you at a future date.


  1. Those are just great! I love that idea and will start doing that with my quilting friends. Maybe mention it to them now for Easter!

  2. wow these are all terrific! love that book mark from auntie Jude

  3. It's very cool to see them all grouped together! I love how a group of people can basically start with the same theme and end up creating pieces that look so different.

  4. Hello Terry,

    Your beatiful atcs arribed today!!!!
    Thanks for her.
    She is precious!


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