Friday, December 19, 2008

Purple Bowls

Well it would appear that I've taken a short blogging break. I have been keeping busy with an art quilt that I completed a couple of days ago. I can't show the quilt just yet, as it is for a swap with a good friend. Once she gets it though, I'll let you see it and the one she is making for me.

So that's why I haven't shown anything here for almost a week. Yesterday I got busy with bowls again. I made the two purple bowls. I now have one more bowl to make and I'm set with my Christmas gifts. I've got green fabrics out now and am in the process of cutting my strips. I have enough strips cut to make two I guess I'll have an extra on hand when I need a gift suddenly.

The Two Creative Studios Christmas Celebration is halfway over now and there are six lucky winners so far. Six more to go. Will you be one?


  1. I finished my first big bowl. What a fun process! I don't think my ending is so hot yet but I'm still enamored by the whole thing so there will be more opportunities to perfect the technique!

  2. now you know I LOVE those purple bowls! Can't wait to see the green ones.

  3. I ABSOLUTELY LOvE those bowls! And enjoyed catching up on your blog and all your creativity. The book looks fantastic....Happy Friday Steg!

  4. These purple bowls are my favorites!!! Oooo, what color!!!


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