Friday, December 19, 2008

Purple Bowls

Well it would appear that I've taken a short blogging break. I have been keeping busy with an art quilt that I completed a couple of days ago. I can't show the quilt just yet, as it is for a swap with a good friend. Once she gets it though, I'll let you see it and the one she is making for me.

So that's why I haven't shown anything here for almost a week. Yesterday I got busy with bowls again. I made the two purple bowls. I now have one more bowl to make and I'm set with my Christmas gifts. I've got green fabrics out now and am in the process of cutting my strips. I have enough strips cut to make two I guess I'll have an extra on hand when I need a gift suddenly.

The Two Creative Studios Christmas Celebration is halfway over now and there are six lucky winners so far. Six more to go. Will you be one?