Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Results

I finished the fabric that was in the stretcher frame the other day. Here are my results after stamping and stenciling more designs onto the surface.

fabric surface design
Here's a closer view.

fabric surface design
And here's the next piece on the stretcher frame. I just finished applying the Dye-Na-Flow when I snapped the photo, so it's still wet.

fabric surface design resist color paint


  1. Wow, you totally transformed that piece of fabric! The second painting is terrific also!!

  2. very nice Terri! I really like that first piece, whatcha gonna do with it?

  3. Very pretty pieces and love how your gorgeous yarns knit up. Can't wait to see the knitted bag you create with it.

    That spinning wheel is very 21st century. Take care of that hand/wrist !

    auntie jude


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