Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm So Touched

I've recently been the lucky recipient of a blogger award. And not just from one person either. But by a few. I can't even begin to tell you how totally honored and wonderful you've made me feel.

These are the lovely ladies who have given me this award:
Judy Hartman
Julie King
Susan R Cleveland
Fannie Narte

Thank you for giving me this award Judy, Julie, Susan, Shonna and Fannie.


  1. You can right click the image and then save it to your desktop. then add it as a picture on your post. Congrats on your many awards!

  2. Nice work, congrats on the blogger award. Tell us more about how that works.

    auntie jude

  3. Congrats to you!! Your work is so lovely!

  4. Congrats Terri. You deserve that award, your work just gets better all the time.

  5. Nobody deserves it more, Terri. Keep on bloggin'.


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