Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Making Bags

I've been busy making handbags. Here's the first one, hot off the ironing board. The poor girl on this bag heard a few swear words coming from my lips at one point. I usually make little marks where the handles will be sewn on, and for some reason I totally missed the mark for the handles on one side of the bag. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this till I had it done. Argh!

So I ripped out some stitches, said a few harsh words, moved the handles, and tried resewing just what needed to be redone. Well because I was trying to save some time, of course the resewing didn't work well. More harsh words! By this time I was throwing tools around and slamming drawers. I think the kitties scrammed from the room. So I put everything away and went to bed.

Everything always seems brighter in the morning, right? Well I got busy and undid all the sewing, in other words, totally removed the lining from the outer bag. Start over! No more harsh words. Done!


  1. It's GREAT bag Terry ! I love it - and your faces are absolutely THE BEST !

  2. Love this color scheme Terri and it's perfect with that face.

  3. Done! and well worth it!
    I love your painted ladies.

  4. This is exactly why I hardly ever work past 3:30 pm in my workroom.

    I always end up having to re-do something the next day.

    Unless, of course, I can't sleep and get up again around midnight. I seem to be able to get things right in the middle of the night.

    Your bag is great, btw.

  5. Lovely bag!
    I laughed at your story beacause almost the same happened to me recently, with much unsewing and resewing the day after!

  6. Great bag! Your story made me laugh as a similar situation happened to me after a long day at work and trying to rush making a gift to send out the next day. I gave it up before I started throwing things =0)

  7. Your story is funny for me, because I know such situations.
    And the end of the story - the bag is lovely!

  8. Don't you just hate it when one little mistake turns into a very big nightmare!
    The end result is great however and it does you good sometimes to have have a slam around ;0)


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