Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fall Classes at Joggles

Just wanted to let you all know, just in case you missed the joggles newsletter today, that the fall classes have been announced. And WOW, there are a lot of wonderful looking classes too.

Including a class from me...I'm so excited. It's called Daisy Doodles and is scheduled to start on October 24. Here's where you can view all the upcoming classes. And here's a picture of the Daisy Doodles quilt I'll be teaching in my class:
daisy doodles fabric quilt


  1. Congratulations! I'm sure it will be a great class. The colors in your "doodle" are really fun.


  2. Good on you Terri!!! I love this little quilt....

  3. You are right, they do have alot of good classes, yours and Sues' included.

  4. I love joggles classes and yours looks great.
    Think I may just have to join you for that one ;0)

  5. I love this lively design. Very fun!

  6. classes on Joggles !? ... way to go Terri !!!


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