Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not Much To Show

Over the last two days I've made this postcard. I haven't done a whole lot other than this. I'm feeling like a slacker. But I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with our hot humid weather. Yeah, that's what I'm going to blame it on. I have done a little bit of knitting in the evenings, I guess.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Independence Day. I stayed home all day. I just didn't feel like battling crowds to see the parade and Art in the Park. It would have been miserable anyway with the hot weather.

On another 18 year old son (he's been 18 for 5 days now), decided to exercise his new-found independence and went and got a body piercing. It's above his eye in the brow area. And now he's talking about getting another one, this time in his upper ear. I hope he changes his mind. My baby is not a baby anymore. What's a mother to do?


  1. Cute postcard! On another note Independence Day takes on a whole new meaning with teens who are on the brink of adulthood, right?

  2. Boys will be boys Terri and believe me at that age you you have to go with the flow.
    My baby boy will be 36 this month.
    Where did the time go.

  3. Lovely postcard!
    A piercing?.. My boys haven't done that (yet?), but they did many other funny things, don't worry!

  4. And someone told me boys were easier!! (I have 3 girls).
    Jolly little postcard. Everyone over here is probably feeling like you but not because of the heat more because of all the rain - it just never stops :)

  5. Be thankful it he is only having the piercing done. One of mine decided to get married at 20. Big mistake as she was much older.
    I would still enjoy having them that age again, so enjoy it, piercing and all.

  6. Great card Terri. Ugh on the body peircing. I've never understood that.

  7. Great postcard! Everyone has to take a few days off occasionally - take the days to rest and revive.

  8. I think I have been in the same slump. My little one went to be the other day at 6:30pm (usually he is in by by 8:00) I couldn't find a thing I wanted to work on. Must be the hot weather.

  9. Love the postcard - lovely, soft colours!! Boys - sometimes I think they do things just for the shock value!!!!

  10. This post card is SPLENDIDA(amazing).

    I never understood the piercing....but the young are like that, then they change.
    ciao ciao

  11. Hi!
    I don't pretend to understand piercing or tattoos. I have two boys: 19 and 16. Neither have done this, though one has talked about it. Yet, recently I sponsored an art exhibition in the gallery space at the artists' cooperative in which I rent a studio space. It was a show for National Skateboarding Day, June 21. The show was mainly organized by the local skateboard shop owner and the owner of the local piercing/tattoo parlor, Shannon.

    Yes, this nice young lady sports several obvious areas of body art and more than a few "holes". She is also a dependable business owner with five or six employees, paying taxes, paying a mortgage, and raising a lovely two year old daughter. She is a talented artist...even without skin as a substrata. She has two years of college under her belt and hopes to complete her studies when her daughter is older.

    Over the past week or two, I've had several conversations with many people regarding conventions, traditions, and the ever changing world in which we live.

    I remember my grandfather talking about how obscene Elvis Presley had been on his television appearances. I remember how only Harley Davidson riding bikers and toothless navy personnel had tattoos. I remember growing up during a disco age when condoms were dispersed for free, abortion was legal, and world hadn't heard of Aids.

    The times are changing. A tattoo or a pierce...whatever! Beauty is only skin deep! Only the insides count! Your son has you as a mother...that's what matters. He'll be fine!

    How does it look? Probably pretty good...afterall, he's young and likely attractive to begin with!


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