Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Busy Day

Here's what I've been up to today:

  • 4 loads of laundry

  • Baked 2 loaves of banana bread

  • Made a hot dish/casserole

  • Put clean sheets on my bed

  • and had a mini session of sun printing, results below.

Yesterday while out in my yard, I noticed a couple of things I could use for sun printing designs. The seed tops of some grass that had gotten really tall, and the seed pods from some ash trees. I will be doing some further embellishing on these sun printed fabrics. If you are interested in knowing my sun printing process and what I do with my fabrics after sun printing, please check out my article that will be in Issue 1 of Fibre&Stitch.

Now I'm taking a break and doing some sit down work on the computer. Since I'm home alone, with just my furry family to keep me company, I will probably go to the studio later and be creative (I hope). So, what have you been doing today?


  1. Except for the casserole, pretty much the same as you! Pretty fabrics.

  2. Normal sort of day for us women - especially those of us into fober and art!

  3. Your day sounds very familiar - except for the banana bread - I'm too lazy to cook cakes (unless they come out of a packet). Those sun prints look wonderful!!!

  4. The kids and I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, as the Papa Dude gets home from a 9 day long business trip about midnight tonight. Absolutely NO studio time this weekend.:-( I am hoping for some tomorrow- I am craving just being in the same room as my fabrics and fibers!

  5. Hey, I thought Sunday was a day of rest!
    Those sun print fabrics look verrrry nice. I really like the bottom left hand corner one.

  6. Love the sunprint fabrics - very pretty effect :)

  7. the prints are great, so subtle. you had an eye for it!

  8. Phew! Busy lady.

    Love the sun prints. The colours are beautiful.

  9. You have been very busy Terri. I look forward to those sun printing articles.

  10. Sun prints look like lots of fun. Can you just use tree leaves as well if you want a bolder design?

  11. Totally beautiful! A busy weekend. Sometimes I wish I would make delicious edibles too...but I've been on an almost two decade long campaign to convince my family that I don't know the function of the "kitchen". Hence, I am never required to prepare food but I also don't get to enjoy it. So, enjoy the fruits (and vegetable and desserts) or your labor. I'll just remain jealous...of the cooking and the lovely sun printed fabrics!


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