Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Green and Blue for Emmy

My Fiber Art Friends swap partner for March is Emmy. We are making a fabric page for each other and when the swap is over, all those participating will have several pages to put together into a fabric book. Emmy's theme is blue and green. I know for me it isn't officially March yet, but I had a brain storm and had to go with it. So I'm really ahead of the game on this one.

The focal point on this piece is a paper landscape. I used a glue stick to adhere the paper to a stiff backing (peltex). I did a little free motion stitching on the paper. I then used some different fabrics for the background layers. The light blue layer is a piece from the silk fusion I posted about yesterday.

I hope you like your page Emmy!


  1. I do love it Terri
    it is wonderful

  2. Fantastic Terri! Love the frame in a frame...

  3. Oh, this piece is so lovely! I do can called me EMMY, you know......:-) this is my favourite colours too!
    I really like how you are doing with the frame, and that the focal points not are in the middle! Very good!!

  4. Lovely! I like how the landscape part not right in the middle. The outer colors really offset it beautifully!

  5. I love how this is offset and those colors are so yummy together.
    Lovely page, Terri.

  6. Magical piece as usual Terri.

  7. I left you a message yesterday Terri but it doesn't appear to be here so apologies if it comes through twice!
    Just wanted to say this page is fantastic. I know Emmy will love it. I like the way you have off centred the different squares and how you have managed to get your love of nature into the main square. Also wanted to know if you dyed the background piece yourself.


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