Thursday, January 25, 2007


Have you ever started working on something and had sort of a vision of what you wanted but yet not? Well that's how yesterdays piece was. I knew what materials I wanted to use and I knew what methods I wanted to use...but as I was progressing, I was getting less happy with it. At one point I decided, nope, this isn't working for me. So I hacked it up and came up with two postcards. There wasn't much waste as I think the piece was about 9x9 to start with.

Questions/Answers for previous comments:
Dianne asked, "So, has this anything to do with your faces??!!" Nope!

Windyangel asked, "Quilter's newsletter magazine - why does that sound so familiar?" Quilter's Newsletter Magazine is a major quilting magazine that's been around for years. You've probably seen it on a newstand or something.

Margaretr asked, "Can you tell me about that lovely design on the top? It looks so textured and almost 3D. How did you do that please? This design was created with water soluble paper and a rubber stamp...I had posted about it here. I've added more color to it since that post.