Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Experiments (playtime)

Experiments really mean playing. And who doesn't like playing.....NOT ME! This first photo shows my results with water soluble paper. I followed the instructions from Maggie Grey's article in Cloth Paper Scissors mag Jan/Feb 2007. This was the paper casting technique. I found it to be very easy. I followed the instructions as given and didn't deviate from them. As I wet the soluble paper on the stamp it turns mushy/pulpy. This is when it was easy to push it into the rubber stamp. I didn't color my paper while wet. I painted with some acrylic paint, using a dry brush method. Next time I may try coloring the paper while wet. I think I will try adding one to a fabric project. Stay tuned.

My next experiment was to do silk fusion. I've seen some luscious silk fusion all over the internet and just knew someday I'd give it a go. Well someday is here. I used silk roving that was already colored. This picture hardly does the color justice. What looks like gray is actually a shade of purple or purple/gray. Trust me it looks so much prettier in person. Now to make something with it.