Sunday, December 3, 2006

More Goodies!

More photos from shopping....I bought some variegated threads. Then as I was roaming around in the store I came across a bin with a bunch of small spools of beautiful, vibrant solid colors for only 50 cents each.
And of course I can't pass up a great kitty fabric.
I found a couple of books. I hadn't had the opportunity to page through these books before, as they were never to be found in a store around home. They have great photos inside, hopefully I can learn something from them.
And this is Boris. He is my brother's dog. He is so well behaved and well-trained by my brother, who had never had a dog before in his life.


  1. Boris is gorgeous! Looks a little like my Hershey. That's a nice pile of thread you got and I love the new picture of you!

  2. Yummy looking thread. I have the book Stitch Magic - it's a wonderful book with lots of eye candy. Your new photo is such a lovely natural shot.

  3. Hi Terri. Hoping you have a wonderful time with your Aunt. She sounds like so much fun. You are lucky to have her.
    Great shopping finds. I'll be looking forward to what you all create.
    Great photo of you.

  4. Great find on the thread - beautiful colors! Love the kitty fabric. Boris is an adorable boy!

  5. Oh you have a great eye for bargins in both your threads and yarns. Enjoy :)

  6. Hey Terri, I like your new picture!
    Nice shopping again, and the dog is a beauty.
    Well, I love everything about this post!
    Have a nice time.

  7. Looks like you'll be needing an additional suitcase to get things back home!

  8. Wow! You've been loading up on the goodies! Guess you'll be busy when you get back! - Beautiful shepherd!


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