Thursday, November 9, 2006

Done, Done, and Not Done

Remember the picture from yesterday, showing my WIPs? Well I got the handbag done.

And I got the postcards done. I only need 2 for the swap I'm in, but I normally like to make extras in case I don't like the way one turns out or something. Well here are three I'm pretty happy with.

Then on one of the extras, I thought I'd try something different with the stitching. I tried stitching in the face contour lines. Ugh! I'm not happy with it. Anybody got any pointers here?

Oh, and the item I didn't even work on, so of course it's not done, is the bird embroidery for my online class.


  1. okay the bag is way cool, love those colors. And the postcards are fab but I gotta agree, the quilting on the face is not working for me. Maybe just do the hair. Might be more effective to just use the lines as shading on one side of the face rather than throughout the entire surface.

  2. Lovely bag and I like the postcards to

  3. Terry, I really love your ladies as PC's! I know what you mean about stitching it really is an art! I think the stitching would look better if you had a really large piece. There's an idea for you! You could do a really big one!

  4. I like teh faces. AND I like the stitching on the face. Really, I do. Maybe your being too judgemental of it at teh moment?

  5. Terri, I like all of these. Makes me want to try it.
    I haven't posted the ATCs yet because I'm waiting to hear back from one person. Thanks for giving me permission on yours.

  6. Another lovely bag :) Really love the face postcards. The stitching looks ok in the scan, maybe it shows up more in person. I think Sue B might have something with suggesting the stitching as a shadow on one side only?

  7. wow, you've been busy, lady! i love your bag and face cards. I like the idea of stitching as a shadow effect on one side, a little under the eye, the lip - like an accent.

  8. I love your bag and your blog. I will be coming back often!

  9. Terri I love the post cards. I especially like the one with blue eyes and purple shadow. Those are my colours.
    The bag - they are all so fabulous.


  10. Your bags a wonderful - real favourites of mine. And I love your postcards, the faces are gorgeous.

  11. This bag is wonderful,
    maybe you could use soft crayons to shade slightly over the stitching on the face, don't know if it will work, just a thought

  12. Hi Terri,

    Your bag is wonderful. I also like the faces. I agree with Carol but instead of using fabric crayons I would try Aquarelles - watercolour pencils - they would blend beautifully.



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