Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What I've Been Up To

Earlier today, after I had the kitties fed, the birds fed, and me fed, and while in the middle of doing laundry....I made this:

MMMMMmmmmmm, yummy, one of my favorite flavors of pie....pecan. I've been hungry for one of these for a few days now, so I finally got all the ingredients to make one.

Over the weekend, I did some embellishing on a fabric box I got from Joanna. You may recall from an earlier post that Sue, Joanna and I were doing a fabric box round robin. Well we've sent each other a fabric box made from our embellished fabric. Now we get to keep the boxes and embellish if we want to. Here's what I did to Joanna's box:

And here's the detail:

Also, over the weekend, I received a fabric postcard from my swap partner for a swap entitled "Ingredients Swap". My swap partner, Sarah, received the goodies I sent her and immediately proclaimed she knew what she was going to do with all of it. Well on Saturday, this is what I received. Neato isn't it? Thanks Sarah, you did a fabulous job.

Oh, what a busy weekend I had, because I also received a package for another swap I'm in on a different group. This swap is a birthday swap. When I signed up we were to choose a month, didn't have to be your real birthday month....I chose October. Now the other swappers send me a small gift in October...and I in turn send them gifts on their birthday months. I received a great package from Katherine. She had it packed full of handmade papers. There were so many different kinds of papers in there. Some were textured, some were very, very textured. Some are thick, some are like tissue, some have leaves and flowers, some are printed, some are painted. Anyway, there was quite an assortment. They are all so lovely, thanks Katherine. By the way, I found out she is selling these. If you are interested in them, e-mail me and I'll give you her info.