Friday, October 13, 2006

I've Been Bad

I had gotten a most beautiful chenille scarf from my friend Sue and totally forgot to get it here to show it off. I had put it away when I got it because I was afraid my kitties would snag it and want to play with the fringe. You know what they say...out of sight, out of mind. I am so bad. Well a few nights ago my parents were visiting and I got it out to show my mother, and that's when it dawned on me that I had yet to blog about it. Here is my beautiful new scarf. Our weather has taken a turn toward the cold and windy lately, so it's the perfect time to start wearing it.

And on another note......I thought I'd show you my living room. Well part of my living room anyway. This is one of my favorite rooms in my house, even though it doesn't get used very much. I think my craft room has got to be my all time favorite and then my living room comes in second. I think this is because I love the colors in there. You can see two wall quilts I made that hang above my couch and love seat. In the corner, on some shelves my husband built around the wood stove pipe coming up from the basement, is my cat teapot collection and a couple dolls I've made.


  1. OH the scarf looks so nice a cozy!
    I LOVE the colours of your quilts in your living room....are they ones you've made?
    GREAT JOB if they are!!!

  2. Wow, Terri! Your living room is gorgeous! Those quilts are beeyootiful, and I LOVE your teapot collection! Thank you so much for this glimpse of your very lovely surroundings, and for showing us that scrumptious scarf! Stay warm & well. :)

    Q xXx

  3. What a beautiful rooom, so cozy. Love the colors in there.

  4. Thank you Dale Anne. Yes I made them.

    Thank you Suzie and Sue.

  5. What a great scarf! I traded a scarf with Sue that I should also show. They are great aren't they. I'd like to have one in all colors. Your living room looks very inviting. Think I shall pop over for tea haha.


  6. Thank you for sharing these slices of your life. Wonderful scarf. Glad you surround yourself with such beauty, much of your own creating.
    Is there someplace we could see those dolls more closely? If you've made them, I want to see them.

  7. Yes Joanna, I'd love to see your scarf too. Come on over, I'll get the tea brewing.

    Hi Wendy...Yes my dolls and quilts were posted to my webshots photo album (link is on my blog).

  8. I've been neglecting my blog reading this week and you've done so much!! Love your cards, the boxes are way cute and your room looks so great with your quilts displayed and everything :)

  9. I am catching up on my reading also. Your LR looks so colorful. You have really been busy, great postcards and boxes and purses and everything.


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