Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Art Journal - Page 2

Hey Suzie, here's another one. Do you like the mirror I drew? LOL I'm still not sure how I feel about doing this. I think as long as I don't make myself try and get one done every day it will go okay. On this one I painted the background one day, then worked on the rest another day. The bottom picture here shows some rubber stamps I carved recently. I did the "eye" last night.


  1. Oh I envy your ability to draw!

  2. Oh-oh Terri? Can you see what you've done here? You've dropped yourself right in it now, as I am desperate for some rubber stamps and will have to insist that you give us a tutorial! ;) They are fantastic! How on earth do you get such clean edges? I love them all, but particularly the 3 in the top right corner - the leaf, the flower & the paisley shape...absolutely scrumptious!
    Your journal page is fab, too. I love the background, the colours are gorgeous - that technique of Nancy's is nothing short of miraculous, eh? Such fun, and so very effective! Your mirror is brilliant - I would have been tempted to use some foil or cheat in some way, you have my utmost admiration for actually drawing it! :D
    Well done for getting another page done - I haven't done one for a couple of days now - it's about time! ;)
    'Off to find me a rubber & a very sharp knife! Wish me luck! ;)


  3. Wonderful! Love that journal page! You go girl hehe! These stamps are amazing! I love the birdies! This is one thing I would like to learn too! You got it going on over there! On journals I have found it easier to do a bunch of backgrounds makes it easier to just come back and start creating on the page. I tend to get stuck if I am looking at a blank white page lol..Fabulous work darlin!

  4. Thank you Sue, I bet you could draw too.

    Thanks Suzie and Nanc. Carving is a fun time, and I bet you would both enjoy it.

  5. Love the journal page...especially the mirror! Too cute!

  6. You accomplish so much in so little time. Sweet message on journal page. Nice warm colours that warm me on this chilly, rainy day.
    And your stamps! WOW! I got a speedball kit a few days ago when in Saskatoon at Michael's. Just one more thing on my long list of to-dos.

  7. Thanks Darcy...those glossy gel pens come in handy sometimes.

    Thanks Wendy...have you carved before, or are you just starting?


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