Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Go Girl Bags

Here are 3 more bags I've made. These are getting addicting. Each one I make, I seem to like more than the last one. Two of the bags have a quote on the back that you can't see...it reads "Beauty is not caused, it is." The quote is by Emily Dickinson.


  1. Terri they are all awesome! Truly works of art, I just love them all. You have such a gift for combining patterns.

  2. You have been busy! New attitude on the blog. Some sewing. I'm so jealous that you got stuff from QA. I read it after about the 40th person. So close but no ...

  3. Your bags are beautiful, Terri! At this rate you will have that Etsy store soon! ;) I love the paisley, especially, and the Emily Dickinson quote - she must be the most quoted poet around at the minute, I keep seeing her mentioned wherever I go! :)



  4. These are gorgeous. Are they early xmas gifts or are you selling them? Sorry, I'm being nosey!!! Makes me wonder where my time goes when I see someone so prolific. I must get off the computer and go sew :)

  5. Beautiful fabrics. I especially love the blue and green. Very lovely! Your faces also make them very special. Any ideas what you will do with your bags?

  6. The bags are great. I love Traci's work. I have her DVD, just haven't done anything yet.

  7. Sue-Thanks, your words mean so much to me.
    Diane-Maybe next time, gotta be quick with the trigger finger.
    Francoise-Thank you!
    Suzie-That's my goal. Your support means so much.
    Helen-You can be nosey (to a degree LOL), I have plans for these 3, but am going to make more to sell (crossing my fingers).
    Nanc-That's my plan...hugs back!
    Joanna-Thanks, batiks are very beautiful fabrics.
    Micki-Thank you!

  8. I am SO impressed. Often I have a hard time believing the fabulous talent of people I actually KNOW.

    Love, love, love what you've done with your blog.

  9. Thank you Wendy! You're such a sweetie!


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