Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mini Collages

Well I got my mini collages mounted. After I wrote the last post about that and asking if anyone had any suggestions, I remembered that I had purchased a package of  8x10 mat board in assorted colors. So rather than going out to buy new supplies I used what I have. I did like the idea that Linda suggested and may think about that for the future.

The mat board I chose for these two was one with a metallic sheen on it. It's hard to see that in these photos. I've now added them to my Etsy shop. By the way, the diagonal lines you see in the two collages are not part of the art, that is the shadows from my window blinds.

And I also added the following small art quilt to the shop too. I've been meaning to get this one listed but somehow it never happened. 

You can find these and my other art that is for sale by clicking here.