Sunday, January 12, 2014

Drawing Practice #4

I found this magazine about hair styles on my book shelf the other day. It is dated Fall 2010. I originally bought it for hair style ideas when drawing hair on my faces. I figured it would provide some good models for my drawing practice exercises.

I came across a great photo of Ginnifer Goodwin.

I'm not so sure if you were to see only my drawing of her (without the inspiration photo) that you would know it was her, but that isn't the purpose of my practice. At some point I think it would be nice to be good enough that you would know I had drawn her, but again, I'm not positive that is my goal here. Does that make any sense???


  1. what a great way to practice drawing faces to get a good handle on feature placement and scale.

  2. That's a great idea for getting a lot of good faces for practice. And your sketches are very good. I need to try faces. I've been shying away from those.

  3. Your drawings are so fabulous. Great idea to use a hairstyle magazine for inspiration. Creative Bliss...

  4. Love that idea… I use magazines to get a pose I want on a figure.
    It works really well.


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