Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Art Lesson: Brushes

Rylee and I had our weekly play day yesterday. As she has gotten older and braver about exploring around the house, she has taken an interest in my art and craft supplies. YAY!  One of our art discussions yesterday focused on paintbrushes.

She was interested in all the shapes and types of brushes in my jar.

Then she decided to try out the feel of a brush and did some pretend painting.

Next we did some air painting. And we tried out several brushes for that.

And when we were done air painting, it was time to decorate the floor. Yes, all the brushes ended up on the floor and Rylee thought that was so fun. And guess who had to pick them all up.

But how can I resist that face?


  1. Lucky you and lucky, Rylee!! I miss having one that age close by to entertain me.

  2. These wee ones are such a blessing!

  3. Won't be long before she's ready to take those brushes to paint and paper!

  4. Oh, what fun! I am in serious need of a grandie! LOL

  5. So precious and adorable. Picking up brushes looks just like Pick Up Stix from childhood. I don't suppose those would be child approved nowdays. Enjoy your Rylee time dear...


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