Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Burying Thread Tails

Hi Everyone!!  About a month ago I shared a photo here on my blog of a quilt I was working on and I had lots of thread tails that I needed to tend to.  See that post here.  One of the comments left on that blog post asked about sharing how to bury thread tails within the quilt layers.  Here is how I do it.

When I am quilting, I always bring the bobbin thread to the top of the quilt at the start and end of a line of quilting.  While this method of burying tails can be done on the back side of the quilt, I just find it easier to work from the front side.  I don't bury all threads with each stop and start.  I usually do a set amount of quilting, sometimes with several stops and starts before I will take the time to bury the tails.  Keeping the tails on the top side of the quilt helps me know where they are and that they aren't getting sewn over with more quilting if they were hiding on the back.

I take the two thread tails that are from the top thread and the bobbin and make a knot.  To make that knot I form a loop and then pull the end of the tails through.

Before pulling the knot tight, I manipulate it down near the base of the thread tails close to the fabric.  But keep the knot about 1/8 to 1/4" away from the fabric.  I don't stress about getting the position of the knot perfect.  Close counts.

Next I thread the tails onto a needle.  Insert the needle into the same spot in the fabric where the bobbin thread is coming up.

Run the threaded needle through the batting layer of the quilt about an inch or so.  Keep one hand on the underneath side of the quilt to feel that you aren't poking through all the way.

Pull the thread tails completely through and make sure the knot pops inside and is not seen.

Pull the thread tails slightly while very very carefully snipping them close to the fabric.  Be careful that you do not cut the fabric.  Keeping the scissors flat with the fabric will help.  I find that if I tug slightly on the thread while snipping the tails, the ends will fall back into the batting layer and won't be noticed.  If you see a tip of tail thread peeking out, manipulate it with a needle or your fingernail and it should disappear.

And that's how I do it!  I'm guessing there are variations to this process.