Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crazy Bag Making Lady

I've been busy these past few days working on handbags. So far I have four done.

And I have fabric stacked on the floor waiting to be morphed into a bag.

Here is one in progress. The panel that you see here is painted cotton duck.

I'm hoping to get about six more bags made over the next week. But first I have to make a trip to the local fabric store to get more interfacing.

Stencil News

Two more of the stencils I designed are now available at Stencil Girl Products.  

Flowers 20
9 x 12"
9 x 12"
With being so busy with other priorities I haven't really had sufficient time to play with all my new stencils. I'm hoping that after some commitments are met and probably after the holidays that I will be able to dig in and play play play!

Happy December!