Friday, December 7, 2012

More Stencil Designs and a Stocking

Oh how I love stencils!!! Many more of my designs have been made available on the Stencil Girl web site. The newest ones are shown here.

Slices, Antennas, Sign Posts
All are 9 x 12"
X-12, Straight Fronds, Curvy Fronds
All are 9 x 12"
Waves, Spinners
Both 9 x 12"

Would you like to learn how I created this fabric?

I will share how I created this soon...I'm putting together a quick little video on my process.  Stay tuned for that.

A while back I mentioned here on the blog that I had been working on something that was for my quilt guild. Each year my guild issues a challenge and we make an item with a challenge fabric and share it at our annual Christmas party. Last night was that party.  

We were to make a Christmas stocking with a piece of fabric we were given. We could use any pattern and make it any size. I decided to draft my own pattern. The design elements on the stocking are fused with Mistyfuse and then I zigzag stitched the edges. One of the red fabrics in this is the challenge fabric. There were so many wonderful stockings hanging at the guild party last night and I'm so pleased to tell you that my stocking was voted as the favorite. I even won a prize! I received a gift certificate for my local quilt shop and I can't wait to go shopping.


  1. Congratulations on ALL counts and yes, please I would like to know so I'll be looking forward to your show and tell! :)

  2. Your stencils are fantastic Terri! Congrats on the success with that.

    Love your graphic stocking as well.

  3. Great stocking - it deserved to win. I invested in some of your stencils, now to find time to use them. and talent would be nice also!

  4. Your stocking ROCKS! It is easy to see why you won. Holiday Creative Bliss my friend...


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