Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tire Tracks and Striped Circles

There are now two more of the stencils I designed available on the Stencil Girl Products web site.

The first one shown here is Tire Tracks.  It is available in a 9 x 12" stencil.

This next stencil is called Striped Circles and is also 9 x 12".

Thank you to all of you who have responded about my new stencil designs. Your enthusiasm is so wonderful. I'm grateful!


  1. Well, how very cool! I didn't realize or know Terri, that you were doing this... but I am not surprised you ARE! I am very excited for you - they are wonderful designs!!!

  2. Terrific stencils, want to have!
    Gunilla in Sweden

  3. Very awesome.....I feel your excitement!

  4. I've never really used stencils before but just bought 2 of yours! I can't wait to give them a spin!


  5. Really fun stencils for being creative. Well done dear...


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