Thursday, March 8, 2012

Red Flowers

Yesterday I felt like painting. And when that happens, I paint. Here is what came out of that...

This measures 9" x 12" and is painted on watercolor paper that I collaged first with other papers, including printed gift tissue, newspaper clippings, book text, pattern tissue, and music. Not much of the printed papers show in the end result, but you can see hints of them here and there.  You can see more of the collaged textures in the next photo, one taken early on in the process.

Many layers of paint were added to the piece and it's much easier to see some of the underlying layers in person.

The design for this painting came from a drawing I did in my sketchbook.

I had fun painting this and I've already started the next one.  I did sneak in a little bit of sewing too...starting a new project.