Monday, March 12, 2012

Floral Shades

I finally finished this small quilt.  I first shared the unfinished version in this blog post.  

The quilt measures 12" x 12" and I donated it to the 2012 SAQA benefit auction, which will be held in September.

When I shared the unfinished version with you, I was unsure how to finish the sections with the quilted swirls.  I ended up painting the areas with white paint and then coloring over them with the same colors that are in the adjacent section.  The addition of the white paint gave the finished result a slightly lighter value.

Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. It looks wonderful! The auction is a lucky beneficiary of your beautiful art work

  2. I luv the quilting on this soothing piece. I'm a Gemini. Cool blue green and hot pink orange. It is all good!

    1. Ahhhhh, no wonder we get along so well!!! Says one Gemini to another!!

  3. The simplicity adn the desing make it look like so much more, Beautiful and fine workmanship

  4. That's one great little quilt Terri! Very cool!

  5. I love the direction you took with this!! The sliced colors and edges of the flowers really look great and the shades of all your colors!!!! Awesome!!!

  6. This little quilt is enchanting with your color variations and offset pieces. What a lovely generous donation. Your attention to the simplest element is what really makes your quilts stand out and draw the viewer in to take a closer look. Blissful dear...

  7. love this quilt Terri - offsetting the imagery like that was a great touch and really makes it much more engaging. Love it.

  8. I love it - as usual! What are you painting with?


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