Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Finished Project

I'm on a roll with finishing stuff.  This project hasn't been laying around as long as some but I wanted to get it completed and so I went for it.  The last time I shared a photo of this (maybe a week ago?) it didn't have the green borders.  At that time I felt it needed borders and so I found some coordinating fabric and added them.  I used two different green hand dyed fabrics for the borders, a lighter shade for the top and left border and a darker shade for the other two borders.  

I free-motion quilted each section with a different design.  It is cloudy and blustery today and I had trouble getting some good photos.  The outer borders are quilted with a free-flowing, loose feather shape that I went over again a second time with another color.

I didn't add any quilting in the triangle shapes. I used wool batting in this quilt and the loft of the batting gives a bit of puff to areas that aren't quilted.

I had fun quilting this.  The piece measures approximately 31" square.

I'm thinking I might use this as a table topper on my dining room table.  But I can't audition it there yet as hubby has all the tax paperwork scattered all over the table.