Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Dust Here

I've been keeping super busy here and I've got the photos to prove it.  It's been a whirlwind in my studio the last few days and that means no dust has had a chance to settle.

I've been painting kitties with blue backgrounds on some cotton duck.  These are destined for handbags.
And I finished the quilting and binding on the Sea Glass quilt. Here it is stretched and pinned to my design wall. I tossed it in the washer and dryer to bring up the quilted texture and now it is blocking into shape. I am hoping to get a nice day soon so I can take it outdoors for a photo session.
I made this composition notebook cover this week. It is made with this month's 3 Creative Studios color palette, Carnival Games.
And here is a photo of the inside.
Do you remember the flower screen prints I shared recently? Well I made them into a table runner and here I am already quilting on it.

Other things I did that are not pictured include mending some pockets on my hubby's jeans.  Who wants to see that?  We installed a new dishwasher as the old one was on it's last legs.  There was lots of naughty words flinging around in the kitchen during that job....and not by me!  I was just the assistant.

I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!


  1. WOW! You have been a super busy girl! Love all these fun projects. Can't wait to see that finished table runner :)

    auntie jude

  2. It is so good to be busy and creative at the same time. Your kitties are fabulous! Your Sea Glass quilt is so beautiful. Love the screened print you are already quilting. The book cover is super fun. And a new dishwasher...Whew! Sounds like a vertible whirlwind at your home. Sunday Smiles...

  3. You're not just a whistling dixie there's no dust (or grime!) anywhere in kitchen or studio! LOL. I love the border on Sea Glass, and look forward to more pics!! Always. And I never get tired of the kitties; really think the colorway/backgrounds are COOL.

  4. You've been busy! I love these little blue kitties, and the new quilt is gorgeous. I'm working on my orange piece. It has to be finished this week so I can bring it to Helen.
    Have a nice week.

  5. Hi Terri,
    I just returned from vacation and thought I would stop by. It's been a while. You've certainly been a busy girl. Since I don't own a Bernina, what is that clear round thingy (foot?) on your machine?

  6. @Peggy - That clear foot is my Bernina Stitch Regulator foot, otherwise known as a BSR. The clear portion of the foot can be exchanged for a metal piece that looks more like a typical darning foot or free-motion foot. I like to use the clear one because it is slightly cupped and goes over seams like a dream.

  7. You have been busy! I always love seeing pictures of your kitties, they are so cute.

  8. I have also been on vacation and now you have inspired me to "get busy!"

  9. You have been busy! Your creations are fabulous!

  10. Terri, Congratulations on getting so much done. I love the stitching on your table runner!


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