Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making a Permanent Screen

I haven't screen printed anything for a long while and have a few screens just laying around doing nothing.  I recently had Jane Dunnewold's book out for some fabric dyeing information and found the section in it about making permanent screen print designs. So I dug out one of my unused screens and followed Jane's directions.

I drew my flower design onto a piece of paper and then traced it onto my screen with a permanent marker. Using regular, cheap craft paint, I painted around the design lines and let it dry. My first print is the one shown in the lower part of the photo.  My painted screen needed some fine tuning and after doing that I got a better result. I like this technique. I think I may take some Dye-Na-Flow after those flowers and give them some color.

I've started quilting on the Sea Glass quilt.  I'm doing an all over design in the inner area of the quilt and haven't decided yet on how I will quilt the borders.