Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally Photos and a Give Away

I finally got a great day for taking photos outside.  I kept hurrying throughout the photo session because we've had so many birds flying around lately, especially the Purple Martins, I was fearful of a flying bird dropping landing somewhere I didn't want it to.  Luckily we (me and the quilts) survived.

First up is Sea Glass.  It measures 53" x 47".

And next is the table runner I worked on last week. This could actually be a table runner or a tall, skinny wall hanging. It measures 18" x 41.5".

Both of these will be appearing soon in my Etsy shop....either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Are you wondering what the give away is? Well hop on over to the 3 Creative Studios blog and check out this post. You could have a chance to win a 6-month membership to The Quilt Show. Hurry, the deadline to enter is August 8.


  1. They are both beautiful! Great work.

  2. Both are fabulous Terri! The flower quilting in sea glass is great, and I love the swirls and straight line quilting in the border of the table runner. Great job!

  3. Both projects look wonderful, you quilting always looks so nice.

  4. Both are gorgeous Terri - I especially love the colours in the sea glass quilt!

  5. Both those pieces turned out so nicely. The Sea Glass piece in particular looks cool and inviting.

    I had a bird "gift" me a present many years ago when I laid out a quilt to dry. The provernial bluebird of happiness:)

  6. You do such pretty quilting!! Are we to enter here too? COunt me in : )

  7. I love Sea Glass! It turned out great. Same for the table runner. I love the colors of both.

  8. Your quilts are stunning. Each with its wonderful coordinating colors. Your talents continue. Happy summer dear...

  9. Your hard work and dedication have paid off beautifully, as usual, Terri -- nice works!



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