Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day is Coming

Are you ready for it? I think I might be. I made a few of these postcard-sized Valentine's over the past few days.

It took a few days because I first had to make the fabric-backed paper for the background and that needs drying time. Then I would just work on them in spurts when I felt like it or had time.

The hearts are made from hand dyed fabric and I layered some hand dyed cheesecloth over part of it. Then I layered a piece of Texture Magic and following the package directions I free-motion stitched and then used my steam iron to add the texture. I had received the package of the Texture Magic from Angela Marcos, who is a Superior Threads rep in my region. I'm ashamed to say I've had this product for such a long time and am only now finally getting around to trying it out. Good intentions gone bad!

I was worried about getting the Texture Magic to "do its thing" with my iron because I hadn't been using the steam part of my iron for a while. It was always leaking like crazy on me. My friend, Angie, told me to only use distilled water in it no matter what the instructions that came with the iron stated. Also to only fill it a fourth to a third full. I tried it and it seems to be far. Yay!

So after I had my Valentine's cards made, I decided I didn't want to send them in the clear plastic sleeves that I have on hand. I decided to make some custom envelopes instead. I made these from scrapbook paper.

Now all I need to do is get them addressed and sent on their merry Valentiney way.