Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zentangle Challenge #7

This week's Zentangle challenge over on the I Am the Diva blog, was a little different. We weren't given a word/theme cue, or a Zentangle pattern to use. Instead, we were to just Relax, Breathe, and Smile. We were to just let the Zentangle flow from us, sort of like how our breathe flows, in and out in a controled, but relaxed manner.

That sounds easy enough...I basically had license to create anything, really. So why did I find this the most challenging challenge so far? I think because I wasn't given a word or theme cue. How about you find challenges easier when you have a starting point, or you know there is some sort of element you are to include in your result?

The above design sort of reminds me of a couple things. In some ways it looks a bit bee like. The feathered shapes look a lot like the wings of an insect. I used the Betweed pattern to fill them and it was my first time doing that pattern, except in practice. I probably shouldn't have used it, because I found myself not breathing at times while drawing it. I think I was trying to draw it perfectly so my breathing sort of stopped at times. When I became conscious of that, I tried to loosen up. I think that part will take some practice.

Anyway the second thing the design reminds me of is a sort of weird flower and the feather shaped areas are the petals.

How about you...what do you see?