Monday, February 7, 2011

Playing with New Product

Last week I received the FW Acrylic Inks that I ordered. I ordered them online from Dick Blick. Here are the colors I got.

One thing I didn't realize with these inks is that some are more opaque while others are more transparent.  I'm a little disappointed that Dick Blick doesn't indicate anything regarding opacity.  I did find a color chart at the Daler-Rowney web site.  On the chart, the color numbers under the color swatch either end in a cross symbol  or an X.  The X indicates opaque, where the cross symbol indicates transparent.  On the bottles of ink themselves, there is a (t) or (o), which also indicates this information.

Out of the colors I ordered, the only one that is opaque is the turquoise blue.  Oh and I also happened to have on hand black and white which I had purchased about a year or so ago.  Those two are opaque as well.

Here is a color chart I made for myself with the seven colors.  You can see that I wrote the color names along the left side.  The lines of ink that run from left to right are straight from the bottle.  And the lines of ink that run top to bottom are diluted about 50% with water.  My test is on 100% cotton muslin and the pen I used to mark the color names and grid is the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric.

I started on a project with these inks and I hope to share that with you in a few days.