Sunday, March 21, 2010

Creative Cue: Tip

Another Creative Cue word was announced today, but of course I'm behind again and this last week's word.

I didn't scan my sketch this week because I have a house guest and I can't get into the room with the scanner. Meet Meatball!

She (yes I said she!) is my house guest this weekend. She is my son's cat and I'm looking after her. She is just about six months old and goes 100 miles an hour. That is why I can't get to the scanner as I have some of the rooms closed off.

I tried talking my son out of naming her Meatball, but he just wouldn't listen. Kids!!! She's so sweet, but lacks discipline and is so rambunctious. I haven't had a youngster like this in the house for some time and had forgotten how much energy they have. Sigh! I need a nap!