Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bobbin Breakdown

I started working on some composition book covers yesterday. Well actually I had started working on the painted surfaces for these covers over the last few days, but the actual construction started yesterday and I finished them up today.

The surfaces of these composition book covers are made from Roc-lon® Multi Purpose Cloth. This material is great to paint on, has fabulous body, and can be used for many things.

As I was sewing on the comp book covers today, my bobbin thread ran out....imagine that! I was setting up the thread to wind a new bobbin when all of a sudden, my bobbin winding tension disc thingy popped out of the machine...(pout). Silly me thought I could just pop it back in. Nuh uh! It's broke.

So there I was, wondering how I was going to wind my bobbin. Well I could have got out my back up sewing machine, but that would have meant digging in that closet where I have so much stuff stored that it's sort of a nightmare to go into. Then, the lightbulb came on. Hey, I have a Sidewinder! I had won it in a contest a year or so ago and had never really used it, so that was just the ticket.  Whew!  Problem solved...for now.

And I'll end this post with this sneak peek at something else I've been working on.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!