Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last week I watched the most recent episode (#606) on The Quilt Show, featuring Phillipa Naylor. I love Phillipa's work and have been a fan since I've been aware of her work. In the show, Phillipa shares how she uses a grip pad to help her hold and move the quilt while she free-motion stitches. I, myself, usually wear a pair of quilter's gloves, but liked her method just for the fact that if you quickly need to grab a needle, thread or anything small, you aren't having to remove the glove every time.

So yesterday while I was grocery shopping, I spotted the following:

A four-pack of grippers in the dollar aisle of the store. I figured for a dollar I could easily try out Phillipa's method. So did you see the text I added to the photo? I think the company should consider adding this information to their packaging, don't you?

Remember the sneak peek eye I shared with you last week? Well here's the quilt as it is now. I am trying out my mosaic collage technique on a face. I've got all the stitching/quilting done at this point. I'm not sure if I like this or not. In some ways I do, and in some ways I don't. I'm not totally happy with the way some of the darker fabrics are appearing for shading. I may have to go back to those spots and add some textile paint to blend them in better.

All in all, this piece is sort of an exploration on this technique. I plan to add some flowers to the left side of the quilt, but just haven't gotten there yet.