Saturday, June 9, 2007

Journal Quilt 23

This week's journal quilt was inspired by the work of Nellie Durand. Nellie has created a wonderful series of quilts that she calls The Lake Series. And she recently had some accepted in a gallery. Congrats Nellie!

My journal quilt is a far cry from the beautiful work that Nellie does. Thank you Nellie for the inspiration.

Late last night when I wasn't sleepy, I started on this little paper quilt. It's 6" x 6". I didn't do any decorative stitching on this one. The only stitching is around the outside edge.

Thanks everyone, also, for your lovely comments in the last post, and well, all posts. Zoey had a better day yesterday, she wasn't trying to attack her incision area as much, so maybe she'll leave the remaining stitches alone. I let her have more freedom from the cone collar and boy, did she love that. She bathed herself really good and even played a little.