Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm Still Here

In case anyone was worried or wondering. Or.....maybe not. Anyway, I've had a busy week. On Monday, my kitty, Zoey, had surgery. An exploratory type of her bladder. She's been having recurring bladder infections and nothing is helping them. The vet thought maybe she had a bladder stone. No stones. They sent a biopsy of her bladder to a lab. My poor girl is not liking this. She has to wear a collar so she can't chew on her stitches, she hates that! She's actually gotten two stitches out already. Look at that shaved belly...and doesn't it look like she doesn't have a head, really we aren't being cruel to her.

Hubby and I bought a new vacuum this week. My old one isn't broken, we just decided to get a second one so that I don't have to haul the one up and down the stairs. Do you see anyone peeking out from that vacuum box?

And yesterday I was able to get into the studio to create. I had been planning this fabric page in my head for quite a few days and finally decided how I was going to do it. This page is for Francoise. Her chosen theme is "writing systems, past and present". I chose to do a page about braille. Around the light colored square, I machine embroidered the word "braille" with some metallic tissue paper covering the background fabric. I then did some french knots for the braille word. I sure hope you like what I've made for you Francoise.