Monday, February 5, 2007

You Gotta See This!

Do you remember the girl faces a few posts back, located here? Well you can see what happened to them if you go here. Sue did a fantastic job with them. I'm just in awe of her creations. Thanks Sue!

There have been a few questions from last post's comments. First of all, I'd like to comment that the wall I created is a display wall and not a design wall.

Joanna asked "How do you get things to stick to it"?
Lori (aka Elkhoundmom) asked "Is it a fully quilted quilt?"
Helen in the uk asked "Is it a quilt you are pinning things to or a painted area of wall?"

I made the display wall from a 1" thick piece of construction (insulation) foam. We cut it to the correct size. Then we put a layer of batting on it. Then I put on the fabric layer. The batting and fabric layer were wrapped around to the back and taped with duct tape. Bob then attached it to the wall with screws, making sure he was screwing into wall studs for better support. The fabric layer is not quilted. The art I've put on display is held up with small applique pins that are less than 1" long so that I can push them all the way in and not worry about hitting the wall. Hope this answers a few questions.