Friday, February 9, 2007

Yummy Goodies

I've got lots of goodies to show you...okay, they aren't goodies that I've made, but they will be something someday. The first photo shows what I received early this week from Angelcat. She and I both share a love for cats. She has an extremely large (in my opinion) cat fabric collection and we tease each other about stealing each other's cat goodies. The only problem is, Angela lives in the UK, so it would be a long haul for her to come here and sneak into my kitty stash. Well Angela was very sneaky and sent me a package with a sampling of every single piece of her kitty cat fabrics. What a sweetheart she is. Most of these pieces are 4" square and you aren't even seeing half of them. It probably would have taken me an hour to lay them all out in a single layer. Thanks Angela, you rock!

The next photo shows some batiks I received today from Debra. Over on the Trader's Village blog I had listed a couple of things for trade and she sent me some batik fabrics for some wedding ring templates. Thanks Debra, these are great, I don't have any of these same designs.

And all the rest of the photos here are what came in a package from Joggles. Lots of yummy colors. I ordered the warm colored wool sampler, some silk throwsters waste, some Stef Francis threads, and Etal.

Oh, and the bestest, greatest, happiest news of all today....I got my sewing machine back. Yipppeeeeee!