Sunday, February 4, 2007

I Confess

I do have another sewing machine. But I hate it and don't like to admit I even have it. It's a cheapo Singer that I bought early in my sewing life. You know, why invest in an expensive machine if you don't know if you'll sew more than 5 inches. I've been trying to sell/get rid of this machine for a couple of years now, but have had no luck. But anyway, I drug it out and finished up my display wall. Bob has to leave again for a job out of town and I really, really wanted to get this thing done or else I'd have to wait for possibly 4 weeks to get this up on the wall.

This first photo shows it before I put any artwork on it.

Here is what it looks like with some art on it...these are some 6" square quilties and fabric postcards from swaps I've been in. Dead center is a cat I was my take on an idea I had seen on an HGTV craft show. Along the bottom I lined up my first 5 journal quilts. So....whatchya think of it?

Here is something new I tried....watercolor painting on watercolor paper. Up to this point I had only watercolor painted on fabric and thought I'd try this.

And here is my ever-so-helpful painting assistant. She likes to get right in there with me and most of the time lays right on top of what I'm trying to paint.

I had several comments on my last post about my journal quilt looking like me and if it was a self portrait. Well I certainly didn't plan it like that but looking at it right next to my profile picture over there on the right, it almost appears like it could have been a self portrait. Noooo, I just went and looked's not me.