Saturday, February 3, 2007

Journal Quilt #5

Here is my weekly journal quilt. It's not done yet as I need to finish around the edges and I want to do some free motion stitching on it. But alas, that'll have to wait. I'm starting to see a pile up of things waiting to be finished when the machine comes home. I think I'll be busy playing catch up for a day or two. I guess that depends on how much longer I have to wait till my sewing machine is done and home.

There have been some comments from first-time visitors to my blog recently, or maybe you lurked here for some time before commenting. They are: Denim Doll, Granny Fran, Suzanne Earley, Doreen G, zaz, Chriss, wabbit, and arlee. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving comments. I love it when there are comments from someone who's been lurking or have just found me. And thanks to all of you who visit regularly and comment also.

In a past comment, Arlee asked "If you're using watercolours, how do you "fix" them so they don't bleed and fade or wash out?" While painting with watercolors on fabric, I don't always have the control I want and sometimes get too much bleeding into other areas. I do sometimes end up throwing a piece in the trash because it went way out of my control. I don't mind a little bleeding of colors, as I think this adds to the charm of watercolor painting. On most items, I use a spray fixative after I've completed the piece. They do seem to be waterproof after this.