Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Altered Orange

Well here is what I did to Joanna's orange fabric. I added four colors of dye, dabbing each one on. I have learned something with this is a difficult color to dye because most colors don't blend well with orange. I hope Joanna will like what I've done (crossing my fingers) this fabric is ready to send on to Sue so she can alter it further.


  1. Great job Terry! I love it!
    "Fruity Pebbles" is it's name:)


  2. Terri it looks great! I really like what you did.

  3. I love the color orange these days...It's so autumny and cheery!
    Great job!

  4. It looks like an autumnal poppy field, if there was such a thing!
    Gorgeous! :)

  5. This is great. I can't imagine starting with a blank orange slate, especially that someone else started. I can hardly wait to see final piece.

  6. Thank you everyone. It looks way better in person than in the photo. I wish I had a wonderful camera and good camera Suzie.


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