Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gel Glue Technique

Everyone is asking how to do the gel glue technique. It is a fun process that gives a batik-like look. I learned this technique from Susan Sorrell through an online class at Joggles. The class I took was Monoprinting. Susan kindly gave me permission to tell all of you fellow artists how I did my cat design.
  1. I pinned a piece of white muslin to a foam board, my design (that I had drawn on paper and darkened with marker) was underneath my fabric.
  2. Using a water-soluble gel glue, I followed the lines of my design and drew with the glue onto the fabric.
  3. After the glue dries, apply your color. I used Dye-na-flow, but I bet there are many things you could use for this.
  4. After the dye dried, I then heat set with the iron.
  5. After heat setting, I soaked the fabric in some warm water for a while to remove the glue.
  6. And there you have fabric.

Here is a picture of my cat design before I embroidered it.

And here is another piece I did.