Saturday, December 20, 2014

Busy and Taking it Easy

Happy Holidays! It is almost here. And I'm almost ready. I've been keeping busy making some gifts. Every year I paint some wood ornaments to give to my grandchildren and son and daughter-in-law. I got a late start on them this year as I sort of forgot. But better late than never. Here are how the unfinished ornaments looked before I started.

And here is how they ended up. I had to add an ornament to this year's bunch since we have a new little bundle in the family. The four ornaments on the right are for the grandkids and my son and DIL. And the two on the left are mine mine mine!!!!

I made these teeny tiny baby slippers for Braydon. These are the smallest size the pattern offered--size 0 to 3 months. I am going to make a couple more in the next size up.

For several years I have been making welding hats for my husband. Before I started making these, my mother-in-law made them for him and at one point my husband was worried that she wouldn't be able to do it anymore and asked if I would learn from her. Soooooo....silly me agreed. She already had the pattern tweaked to fit him and I just took over after I learned the process. It's not something I really enjoy doing, but as long as hubby is know how that goes. I'm hoping to make him about 12 hats total as his current stash is getting very worn out.

The next two photos are the most recent scarves to come off the loom. The second one is still in need of some finishing.

This is a wall hanging I made last month but could not share because it was a gift for my aunt. And Auntie Jude watches my blog and I didn't want her to see it. In my excitement to get it to her, I packed and shipped it before I remembered to get a photo. She was supposed to send me some photos of it but evidently she forgot because I've been waiting and waiting. This photo, which I suddenly remembered, was from when I took it to my recent quilt guild meeting.

So, that's what I've been up to lately. I've also been busy with decorating and gift wrapping. I haven't done any baking yet, but hope to start on that in a day or two. For the last 3 days I've been sort of taking it easy because I did something to my back and have been in some pain. I think it's just a muscle problem as each day seems to be a little better. But that first day when it happened I could hardly move and was in constant pain. I don't want to do that again.


  1. You have been busy! Love the ornaments and the fabulous palettes of the scarves. Merry Christmas!

  2. What amazing gifts are this ... you are talented in all things...

  3. The ornaments are fabulous! such a great idea. Merry Christmas.

  4. Beautiful work Terri!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Gorgeous work and LOVE your ornaments. Thanks again for my fantastic dragon fly quilt. I didn't forget you, just way busy with Christmas :)

    Love ya....auntie jude

  6. You are quite the elf! Lovely gifts. I recently was attempting to doodle with markers on round glass ornaments. They turned out pretty well but it is hard to doodle on a round surface so I applaud your beautiful wood ornaments, I know it isn't easy. I make hats for my man too but yours look much more detailed, very much nicer than you could buy. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and that people let you know how much they appreciate you.

  7. I would love to hear more about the ornaments and the scarves. So interesting!


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